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Greg Southard

Director of Technology Services
(314) 213-8050
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The Technology Services department provides district-wide services for instructional and administrative technology. A team of 17 department staff members support more than 6,000 instructional and office computers as well as mobile phones, iPads, media equipment, printers and copiers.

 The department provides the following services to the district:

  • Assists instructional staff in the integration of technology into student learning experiences.
  • Provides staff development in technology use and integration.
  • Collaborates with the District Technology Specialists in the development of technology competencies and assessments.
  • Manages e-mail system, student information system, financial and employee information system, library system, phone system and learning management system.
  • Manages wired and wireless LAN (local area networks), WAN (wide area network) and Internet connectivity.
  • Supplies, maintains, and updates computer hardware and software.
  • Creates and maintains Pattonville websites


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Technology Services Staff

Title Name Ext
Director of Technology Services Greg Southard 1052
Assistant Director of Technology Services Dr. Tammy Hasheider 1053
Executive Secretary Rebecca Klenke 1044
Web/database & VM Administrator Simon Amies 1057
Network Administrator John Ertmann 1056
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Administrator Leigh Travis 1042
PowerSchool Student Information System Administrator Shannon Lee 1045
Learning Management Systems Administrator Ryan Sullivan 1049
Device Management Administrator Steven Chisholm 1047
High School Technology Support Supervisor Ken Lerdahl 8031
Helpdesk Specialist Joe Gutierrez 1000
Communications Specialist Mike Johannes 1055
Hardware Support Specialist Drayton Paisley 7070
Hardware Support Specialist Scott Stillman 1043
High School Device Specialist Mike Cobb-Schultz 8800
High School Device Specialist Dave Duncan 8816
Holman Technology Aide & Helpdesk Support Lisa Roth 5400
Pattonville Heights Technology Aide & Helpdesk Support Stephen Lee 6500
High School Technology Aide & Helpdesk Support William Roach 6800


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Building Support

Each elementary school has a dedicated Library and Technology Aide to troubleshoot technology-related issues and help with device management. Additionally, Pattonville has eight District Technology Specialists that work in the buildings to support teachers with instructional technology.

Technology Building Support Staff 22-23





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