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PEF Grant Application

The Pattonville Education Foundation (PEF) Grant Committee will review proposed projects and each application will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity of the project
  • Consistency with the objectives of the PEF
  • Alignment with the Pattonville School District curriculum, goals and mission
  • Does the project maximize the number of students involved
  • Does it have potential to motivate students in their studies
  • Can the project be supported by district or building funds
  • Does it involve multiple curricular areas or age groups
  • Ability for the project to be sustained by the building after PEF funds are depleted

Lower priority will be given to requests for:

  • Books and software without strong ties to the project
  • Technology (i.e. hardware) that qualifies for funds from other sources
  • Passive student involvement

Requests for transportation, food, teacher compensation, and/or teacher release time will not be granted. Existing programs will not be funded through this grant award. Any and all equipment purchased through this grant, as well as any creative work that results from this grant, becomes the property of Pattonville School District.

Applications may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed for approval at the earliest available PEF meeting.

Requirement of Grant Winner:
Upon completion of the funded project, grant recipients are required to submit an evaluation of the project. The evaluation must be returned before a recipient will be considered for any future grants from the Pattonville Education Foundation.

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