Rose Acres staff members decorate doors Valentine's Day

The Lighthouse Leadership Environment team at Rose Acres encouraged all staff members to decorate their doors for Valentine’s Day.

“We thought this would be the perfect time to do a little holiday decorating,” music teacher Emily Doherty said in an email. “How fun would it be to walk down the halls and see the doors to each classroom decorated for Valentine's Day?”

Each classroom that decorated their door will compete to earn prizes, but the idea is also connected to the school-wide personal Wildly Important Goal which is 100% of the Rose Acres community will do their part to contribute to the environment where everyone feels loved or connected. 

“It's a way for teachers and staff to show that we care about each other,” district technology specialist Sarah Funderburk said. “We’re also trying to boost our physical environment at the same time so we're meeting the needs for both the emotional environment and the physical environment.”

Students have revisited their Leader in Me habits by reviewing how these help make them more successful in their daily lives and have set academic and personal goals.  

“We’re giving kids a voice which is a huge part of Leader in Me and this year, we've been very limited on the opportunities that we can offer them that chance,” Funderburk said. 

Once all doors are completed, teachers will be able to take their class on a mini field trip around the building to view the designs and have their students choose their favorites.  

“As they walk down the halls and look at the doors, students are going to have a voice and they will get to decide who did a really good job and who has touched somebody’s heart the most.”

See a gallery of all the decorated doors:

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