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School-Based Health Services

The Pattonville School District is pleased to welcome IFM Community Medicine as a partner to enhance school-based health services for our district.

Through a partnership with SSM Health DePaul Hospital, Pattonville is excited to welcome IFM Community Medicine to our school health team. This new Connection to Health and Healing partnership will help us better support our students’ health and wellbeing in a way that’s convenient for families. IFM Community Medicine is a not-for-profit health care organization that partners with over a dozen school districts in the St Louis city and county area.




Serving the community at the clinic

As part of Pattonville’s continued Connection to Health and Healing partnership with SSM Health DePaul Hospital, families in the Pattonville School District can schedule an appointment at IFM’s Community Connections Health Clinic. The clinic, located at 11280 St. Charles Rock Road in Bridgeton, opened in January 2023 and is available to all district residents. Services include primary care, wellness exams, women’s health, sick visits, sports physicals, immunizations, medication management, Medicaid enrollment and utility assistance. For more information, see the flyer at right. To schedule an appointment, call (314) 546-4321.

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Serving students while at school

Physicians and nurse practitioners from IFM will be available to the district on a daily basis, including being on-site at many of our schools throughout the week.

Through this new program, Pattonville will be able to offer physicals and evaluation of acute health problems to our students with parent permission. This program is not intended to replace the role of your child’s primary care physician, but rather to work collaboratively in a way that makes care more convenient. Our goal is for these services to be a convenience to you and to reduce health challenges that may keep students from attending school.

Dr. David Campbell is a family physician and CEO of IFM Community Medicine. Dr. Campbell already serves as the medical director for more than a dozen schools in the St Louis area. IFM family nurse practitioners go on-site to a number of those districts, working in concert with the school nurses, and providing services that would not otherwise be available in the school. Within each of these districts, the services offered are tailored to the school district, but can include immunizations, physicals, management of acute medical issues and evaluation of chronic medical conditions that are interfering with the child’s ability to learn in the classroom.

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Nurse Practitioner Schedule

Below is the in-school nurse practitioner schedule for each Pattonville school.

Early Childhood Center
Wednesday mornings - Suzanne Jaudes

Bridgeway Elementary School
Monday morning - Suzanne Jaudes

Drummond Elementary School
Tuesday morning - Teresa DuMaine

Parkwood Elementary School
Thursday afternoon - Rachel Navarrette

Rose Acres Elementary School
Tuesday afternoon - Suzanne Jaudes

Willow Brook Elementary School
Monday morning - Rachel Navarrette

Remington Traditional School
Tuesday morning - Suzanne Jaudes

Holman Middle School
Monday - Teresa DuMaine

Pattonville Heights Middle School
Thursday morning - Rachel Navarrette

Pattonville High School
Friday morning - Suzanne Jaudes

How to participate

You can take advantage of this program by reviewing and completing the consent form at and returning it to your child's teacher or school office. This gives permission for your child to be seen by the health care providers of IFM Community Medicine while at school. You will always be informed when your child is seen.

If your child has health insurance, please provide the insurance information on the consent form. Be aware that the insurance may be billed for the services rendered, but you will NEVER receive a bill for these services (in other words there is no cost to you). If your child does not have health insurance, they can also be seen, and you will NEVER be billed for these services (again, no cost to you).

We hope you will find this new resource a benefit to your family. If you have questions, please reach out to your child’s school nurse.

David Campbell, M.D.

The Goal

The goal of the IFM/Pattonville program is to keep kids healthy, and in school while reducing the barriers and burdens of transportation and cost for the parents. This program does not take the place of the child having a primary care physician/pediatrician. Rather it enhances those services, particularly for acute illness when getting an appointment to the PCP and taking the child in may result in a delay in getting the child back to school, or missed work for the parent.

No service will be provided to your child without your permission. In addition, the nurse practitioner will work with the school nurse to make sure that you are aware of any recommendations.

In addition to nurse practitioners, who will travel around to different schools within the districts, IFM also employs a community health worker, who will work with the district’s nurses, counselors and social workers to assist families of the district to connect with needed resources in the community.

Meet the Practitioners





Shannon Keating, Community Health Worker

Teresa DuMaine, Nurse Practitioner

About IFM

IFM Community Medicine is a recognized leader in the St Louis community in providing enhance school-based health services. IFM Community Medicine is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that has been working within the walls of schools for 20 years.



Contact the IFM/ Pattonville team

David Campbell, MD, Medical Director, 314-530-7322

Teresa DuMaine, Family Nurse Practitioner, 314-530-7326

Rachel Navarrette, Family Nurse Practitioner, 314-530-7333

Suzanne Jaudes, Family Nurse Practitioner, 314-530-7402

Autumn Brannan, Community Health Worker, 314-528-6007

Flannery Harman, Community Health Worker, 314-528-9806

Shannel Gray, Community Health Worker, 314-526-3599