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Outdoor Education Program

Pattonville's outdoor education program is more commonly known as "5th grade camp".  The program began over 30 years ago to provide students with the opportunity to experience the life of the early pioneers.  Although camp still includes some activities related to the pioneers, in recent years the new activities focus around various scientific principles and students' social and emotional development.  Schools are grouped according to the Middle School they will attend the following year. 

Camp lasts for 4 days (Tuesday-Friday) and 3 nights at the end of their 5th grade year.  Kids are grouped into clubs containing students from each of the 3 schools attending. These clubs spend the whole week together attending various activities (see below) and develop strong relationship with kids they will attend Middle School with the following year.  

Each day begins at 7am and ends around 10.  Each club has 1-2 counselors who participate in activities with the kids as well as sleep in the cabin with them.  No cellphones or phone calls home are allowed while students are at camp. Students each 3 balanced meals plus various snacks each day.  Food accommodations can be addressed only if a medical diagnosis has been documented.

Forms (Español)

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