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Student Services

Supporting student growth and learning through special services and programs. 

Areas of Responsibilities and Supervision

  • Alternative Education 
  • Counselors/Social Workers
  • Discipline/Hearing Officer
  • District Positive Behavior Intervention Supports
  • Enrollment
  • Early Childhood Center
  • Foster Care Liaison - Dr. Jada Bell
  • Nurses
  • Residency
  • Section 504 Compliance
  • Special Education/Liaison to Special School District 
  • Student Records
  • Students in Transition Program
  • Title IX Compliance  
  • Wellness - Safe and drug-free schools, staff/student wellness

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Contact Us

Dr. Tori Cain
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
Phone: (314) 213-8090
Fax: (314) 213-8675

Dr. Jada Bell
Director of Student Services
Phone: (314) 213-8090
Fax: (314) 213-8675

Other Department Contacts

Amanda Thieme, District Social Worker 

Dee Byrnes, Special School District 

Gabrielle Young, Executive Secretary

Kendress Hughes, District Lead Nurse 

Steve Nelke, School Residency Investigator 

Samantha Ryan, Executive Secretary