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We offer graphic design and print services for Pattonville staff, as well as bindery, mailing services, and courier services. Courier services are for district use only.


Department Contacts

Kimberly Butts – CPSM, C.P.M.
Director of Purchasing/Print Services
(314) 213-8036 Ext. 1036
(314) 213 -8636 (Fax)
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Emily Groneck
Graphic Specialist
(314) 213-8084 Ext. 6502

Krystal O'Day
Print Specialist
(314) 213-8084 Ext. 6509

Alicia O'Neal
District Courier
(314) 213-8084

In-Building Printing FAQs

What is "follow-me" printing?

By selecting Follow-Me as a printer, the job is sent to a queue that can be released only upon signing into a copier and releasing the job. This is an excellent option for printing confidential documents and prevents abandoned copies.

How do I sign into a copier in my building?

You can scan your ID badge or pull out a keyboard from the under the screen to type in your Pattonville username and password. You can sign into your Google Drive on a copier in your building and print documents directly from your Google Drive or scan documents directly into your Google Drive.

How do I scan a hard copy?

The copiers in your building have the ability to scan. Additionally, anyone with an iPhone or iPad can use the Files App to create a true scan of a document, which can then be transferred to a a different device via email or airdrop. 

How do I print in color in my building?

Select a copier named XX-Color (XX will be your building's initials). When the PaperCut window opens, select the actual copier from the dropdown and click OK.  The smaller printers in the buildings will only print black and white jobs.