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Website Redesign

We have a new look!

We've rearranged a few things, tidied up a bit and added some new features.

Based on the feedback we received from you, our stakeholders, in the fall, we have worked hard to create a website that meets these needs. From the survey, we learned our users wanted a site that is accessible, searchable and easy to navigate to find essential resources. We focused on that and much more on the new website. Here are some of the new features we're excited to share.

Sample graphic of icon pages on school websites

Easier Navigation

The most common feedback we received was on improving navigation and searchability. We've restructured our menus and navigation for a more logic order. We've also put access to each school's most looked for items directly on their school website in quick links. Each school also has their individual calendar near the top of the homepage so families can get an immediate look at upcoming events.

Image of new website hub links

Hub Pages for Quick Resources

An exciting new feature we are pleased to share is the introduction of three new hubs, one for families, students and staff. These pages are intended to be one-stop-shops for all of your go-to needs as a family member, student or staff member in Pattonville School District. These hubs will be easily accessible at the top of the district and school pages. 

Graphic of four hands holding the others


Everybody should have access to the same content, but often websites fall short of complying with accessibility standards. Pattonvile, and our website vendor Finalsite, put accessibility at the top of the priority list. We want everyone to be able to easily access all of our information and resources. 

Provide Your Feedback

The launch of our new website is the first step in creating a more powerful communication tool for our community, but we know there's still work to do. We will continue working during the coming months to make additional improvements.

We also know that transitioning to a new website platform and new navigation can come with some lost links or missing pages, so we want to make it easy for you to share anything you can’t find. Let us know if you find a bug, have trouble finding content or have suggestion on how we can improve.


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