KMOV chief meterologist talks to Bridgeway second graders
KMOV chief meterologist talks to Bridgeway second graders
Tuesday, February 25, 2020
0K1A8710.jpgNews 4's chief meteorologist Steve Templeton visited Bridgeway Elementary on Tuesday to teach students about weather and it’s all thanks to second grader Preston Stevens.

Templeton was invited to talk to the second graders by Stevens’ family because he wants to be a meteorologist when he is older.

“My favorite part of the news is the weather,” he said. “I’ve always liked it since I was a little kid.”

Templeton discussed weather-related career pathways, storm tracking, forecasting and other topics based on questions from the students.

22520_43149_0.jpg"I asked him how hurricanes and tornadoes start because I really wanted to know that.” 

Templeton said areas of St. Louis will start to see a snow mix this evening, and that could mean a day off school.

“Yeah, but not on Wednesday,” Stevens said. “It won’t be enough.”

He’s already making weather predictions, so are we going to see Stevens on TV someday? 

“Of course, because he’s going to show our photo during the news.”

Templeton will share the Bridgeway Elementary pictures on Wednesday evening during the 4, 6 and 10 p.m. news.

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