Middle schoolers at Remington Traditional lead an EdCamp
Middle schoolers at Remington Traditional lead an EdCamp
Friday, February 21, 2020
Middle school students at Remington Traditional put together their own EdCamp as part of an interactive experience designed to learn how to be more creative with the apps available on their iPads. The event also fostered community, collaboration and a growth mindset while empowering students to become leaders.

0K1A8418.jpgSixth grader Julianna Baumer led a session about Clips with seventh grader Madelyn Hebel.

“It was so much fun because I love teaching people how to use apps and now they can maybe use it for something related to school,” Baumer said. 

Both students filled out a form stating they were interested in leading a session about a topic which was submitted to district technology specialist Ms. Stephanie McCreary.

“It’s really fun being able to teach other students about Clips and watching them learn about something that they didn’t know how to do,” Hebel said. 

It took months to organize, but McCreary said the end results are worth it.   

“The goal is to empower the students to be able to share their knowledge with their peers.”

Available sessions included topics covering Clips, Toontastic 3D, Swift, Augmented Reality and Stop Motion. 

A total of 27 students were selected to lead 14 different sessions. Students who were not leading sessions were able to participate and interact with their peer instructors. The sessions were broken down into two 55-minute sessions where students chose which topics they wanted to attend. 

0K1A8509.jpgSixth grader Tracy Machuki presented a session about Keynote.

“It was a little embarrassing to stand in front of the class and teach everyone at first, but then I got used to it,” she said. “People were asking good questions and I was helping them out with their animations, so so far, they’re not doing so bad with it.” 

For students who are usually the ones sitting in chairs during class, they’ve learned exactly what works to grab the interest of a middle schooler.

“We passed out candy because we wanted them to get quiet and pay attention,” sixth grader Sophie Chapman said. “We thought about starting with the good kids first who were being quiet because then the other kids who didn’t get one would be like, ‘Oh shoot, they are passing out candy.’”

Along with her partner, seventh grader Jayna Podmore, they taught other students how to use an app called Pixlr. 

“It’s a photo editing app and we taught them how to edit photos to use for school projects,” Podmore said. “We showed off how to do some shading and brightening and also how to add some text and a bunch of other cool stuff like adding stickers.”

Their regular classroom teachers also attended sessions and McCreary hopes they learned something too.

“Last year, a week after this event, there were teachers and kids using the apps they learned about in class,” she said. “The whole idea is to plant a seed of creativity in their minds, and once that happens, the creativity can start growing.”

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