Board meeting notes for Feb. 11
Board meeting notes for Feb. 11
Thursday, February 13, 2020
Read about actions taken at the recent school board meeting. Find out more by visiting Pattonville's BoardDocs website.

Board Actions
The board of education on Feb. 11:
  • Reviewed an update on the Missouri Assessment Partnership (MOAP) program, of which Pattonville is a member; view the update;
  • Approved paying $2,388,170.60 for regular bills;
  • Approved paying $377,182.96 for purchases made on Pattonville's purchasing cards, which earned the district a 1% rebate (or $3,771.83);
  • Approved a proclamation declaring March 6, 2020, as Principals’ Day in the Pattonville School District
  • Approved a proclamation declaring March 2020 as Music in Our Schools Month in the Pattonville School District;
  • Approved a proclamation declaring March 2020 as Youth Arts Month in the Pattonville School District;
  • Lodged for action revisions to Policy DBA (Board Meetings); a vote is expected on the revisions during the Feb. 25 board meeting;
  • Awarded the bid for lawn mowing services to Broyles Lawn Care for $78,750;
  • Awarded the bid for purchasing and installing a new automatic paper punch to Spiel Associates for $23,674;
  • Approved a contract with Flynn Educational Consulting Inc. for $10,000 plus travel for developing student-centered learning for high school teachers and conducting learning labs for middle school teachers centered around the five practices for orchestrating productive mathematics discussions;
  • Approved the purchase of 40 iPads and 50 iPad pencils for high school teachers from Apple Inc. for $23,370; and
  • Approved the contract with Energage for annual insights subscription fees for $12,300.
New Hires
  • Kevin Harris, bus aide, transportation
  • Emma McGlynn, occupational therapist, Early Childhood Center
  • Jacqueline Noonan, paraprofessional, Early Childhood Center
  • LaWanda Wallace, paraprofessional, Early Childhood Center

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