Holman seventh graders volunteer at Foodbank
Holman seventh graders volunteer at Foodbank
Tuesday, January 21, 2020
About 50 seventh graders from Holman Middle School visited the St. Louis Area Foodbank in Bridgeton for a different kind of field trip on Tuesday.
After learning about the Foodbank’s building and operation, the students volunteered for about three hours packing boxes bound to those who need help. 
“We have always believed that it's important to teach the students to give back and so we always try to plan this trip in January along with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day,” social studies teacher Ms. Laura Waisner said.
About half of the seventh grade class attended the field trip today and the rest will go next week. 
“We always want to do some kind of service project as a grade level and we started at the Foodbank years ago and just found it really beneficial for the kids,” Waisner said. “It's an opportunity for them to give back, but they also have fun while doing it.”
The students learned the importance of the Foodbank and that hard-to-define meaning of why schools like Holman organize food drives. 
“We're helping out people that are not as fortunate as us who don’t have food every day to put on the table,” seventh grader Chuanjie Li said. “I’m helping out today by taking the boxes and collapsing them and then we’re putting them in the recycling container, but other people are taking out the products and putting them in new boxes to be shipped to people who need them, and other people are helping out with the clean-up.”
Seventh grader Corey Bolds said he was working at a table of about 10 students organizing the products into different categories.
“Like one is for health and body and another one is for cleaning,” he said. “Once we fill a box, I carry it over and put it on the stack.”
Seventh grader Analeah Robertson said it was fun to work together with her peers today.
“We are out here helping this community because some people aren’t able to pay for their own food because they have to pay their bills instead,” she said. “It affects them and we’re here to help.”
Li was struck by the size of the building and was surprised about who the Foodbank serves. 
“I thought St. Louis was a really good place meaning most people had stable homes and families and places to live, but being here makes you realize how people aren't as fortunate as us and we really need to pitch in.”

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