High school Student Council members lead assembly at Rose Acres
High school Student Council members lead assembly at Rose Acres
Monday, December 9, 2019
Rose Acres Elementary won a district-wide service project organized by the Pattonville High School Student Council members in October and were promised a visit from Pirate Pete, but the School Leadership team had a different idea. They incorporated the visit into their S.A.I.L. Day (Students Advancing in Leadership) assembly on Dec. 6. 
0K1A5551.jpg“They were going to come over and just tell us that we won, but we asked if they could do more with the students,” library technology aide Ms. Amy Reese. “Being that they’re leaders at the high school, we wanted them to share their stories with our students.”
There are seven S.A.I.L. Day assemblies throughout the year at Rose Acres. Students sit in one of six groups called ships of about 75 students in grades K-5. They were randomly placed on a ship at the beginning of the year with the purpose to give students a sense of belonging. All staff members, including teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers and principals, were also randomly placed on a ship.
“I had a big treasure chest and cut a hole in the top of it and filled it with colored balls. They literally stuck their hand in and held up a color,” Reese said. “Our big thing is, you don't just have to go to your teacher if you have an issue. You have all these other adults that are in your corner and part of your team.”
Junior Skylar Monnig created the presentation about leadership that fits the traits of the ships which include balance, strength, courage, peace, unity and happiness. She presented the slide about peace to the elementary students.
“All the words themselves go together but I feel like peace is important because having differences doesn't mean you have to treat each other differently,” she said. “Having a peaceful environment can make things better for a group.”
0K1A5771.jpgAfter the assembly, ship members went off to their meeting places to do different projects. Principal Mr. Steve Vargo is part of the green ship named Spero, which means unity. 
“For the month of November the students did a canned food drive. Each different-colored ship had an item that they were focused on collecting,” he said. “Today, we decided that our group would pack those items up and get them ready to be distributed that afternoon to families that we provide food to at Rose Acres.”
Other groups worked on arts and crafts projects, played team building games or went outside for recess.
“We just let the kids hang out with other kids and adults and let them get to know each other a little better,” Reese said. 
Senior Erika Sanchez likes what Rose Acres is doing by mixing all the grades together on ships. 
“This is allowing everyone to know each other and allows the older kids to be leaders in their school,” she said. “Maybe if we did something like this at the high school with different homerooms and different grades, we’d get to know a lot of other people too and help those freshman along the way.”

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