Rose Acres market mixes business, creativity, fundraising
Rose Acres market mixes business, creativity, fundraising
Thursday, November 14, 2019
The Open Air Market at Rose Acres Elementary School was part farmer’s market, part craft show and part opportunity to raise money for fifth grade camp. The market was open to all students and staff at the school on a day in October and was organized by students in the fifth grade classes.

All of the items being sold were made by students since the school year started. Students in Gina McKelly’s class created a company named Blooming Zinnias.

“We were selling some plants that we made for a science project, and we had necklaces, clay projects, painted rocks and some bracelets that we made,” fifth grader Haley Mesey said.

Students learned the importance of marketing, sales and money management while preparing for the market.

“We definitely had to learn money skills,” fifth grader Joshua Mahler said. “We didn't know how much money we would get and what kind of bills customers would give us so we had to learn how to calculate it all.”

Other skills students gained were more artistic.

“Some of us had to learn origami skills and painting skills in order to make our items,” Mahler said. “We made everything we are selling by hand.”

Mesey said the top seller for their group was the clay projects.

“I would have to say those were our best item because we’re sold out of them.”

The school raised $2,125.61 and the money will be put toward the cost of fifth grade camp.


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