Background checks required of some school volunteers
Background checks required of some school volunteers
Monday, October 14, 2019
The State of Missouri now requires volunteers helping in certain capacities to undergo FBI/Missouri State Highway Patrol background and Family Care Safety Registry checks. The Family Care Safety Registry check is a sex offender/child abuse record check. As a result, Pattonville School District Policy IICC-AC has been adopted to outline district volunteer guidelines. 
Here are some examples of volunteers who need to complete the background check requirements: 
  • Volunteers whose work requires the volunteer to be alone with a student(s) 
  • Volunteers who will be off campus with students where the volunteer is directly supervising students without the support of a staff member 
  • Volunteers serving as a mentor on a one-to-one basis with a student(s) 
  • Volunteers helping with a before/after school club or student organization without staff supervision 

Here are examples of volunteers who DO NOT need a background check: 
  • Classroom party volunteers 
  • Volunteers for field trips during which teachers are supervising at all times 
  • Volunteers attending field trips when teachers are present 
  • Volunteers attending an event at school during or after school hours 

If you plan to volunteer in a role requiring FBI/Missouri State Highway Patrol background and Family Care Safety Registry checks, you will need to do the following: 

  • Submit a volunteer request form. After you submit an online volunteer request form, the Pattonville human resources office will email you the information regarding where you need to go to complete the background check and how to complete the Family Care Safety Registry within three to five business days. There is no cost to complete the Family Care Safety Registry.  The cost for the FBI/Missouri State Highway Patrol background check is $41.85 as of October 11, 2019. The Pattonville School District will reimburse volunteers for half of this cost once a paid receipt has been presented to the human resources office. 
  • Complete the Family Care Safety Registry and FBI/Missouri State Highway Patrol background check forms. 

Volunteers that successfully pass the FBI/Missouri State Highway Patrol background and Family Care Safety Registry check will be notified in writing. Please note: 
  • It can take several business days for the district to get the results. 
  • The results of the background check will remain confidential and will only be reviewed and evaluated by designated staff in the human resources department that have obtained training from the Missouri State Highway Patrol on background checks.   
  • Volunteers that have a potential background check issue will be contacted by the Pattonville School District human resources office to discuss the matter. 
  • All volunteers that pass the background check will be notified in writing and their name will be added to a district database available to all District administrators.   
  • The FBI/Missouri State Highway Patrol background and Family Care Safety Registry check is valid for six years. 

Pattonville appreciates family members' commitment and willingness to serve as volunteers to help the students in the district and their assistance in this process.

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