Pattonville teachers earn MRTF grants for classroom projects
Pattonville teachers earn MRTF grants for classroom projects
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Three Pattonville teachers were each awarded a $500 classroom grant from the Missouri Retired Teachers Foundation. Holman Middle School technology aide Lisa Roth and Pattonville High School math teacher Brooke Callan and modern language teacher Mariah DeLong were recently presented checks by members of the Missouri Retired Teachers Association (MRTA).

Roth applied for a 3D printer.

“When students are now doing project based learning, they can come up with their project and then actually create a model of their project,” she said. “They can take their idea and make it something physical.”

Callan created a proposal for three rolling whiteboards in her classroom.

“I went to a conference this past year and they talked about how students are more engaged and willing to make mistakes if they’re doing it on vertical non-permanent surfaces,” she said. “My students can use the whiteboards that are already on the walls in my room, but we can roll these in the middle of the classroom and they are double-sided so students can work there. It’s just kind of another way to get students up and moving in my class and into their math problems.”

DeLong applied to get about 100 reading books for students in her Spanish for Native Speakers class.

“We do a lot of reading and I wanted to get books for my classroom library at different reading levels, because we have Spanish speakers that have never read in Spanish.” Her grant was actually called Leer y Crecer which is translated to Read and Grow.

“You can be bilingual and not be biliterate,” she said. “Maybe at home, they watch things in Spanish or they listen to Spanish music, but they've never sat down and read a book in Spanish. This class is basically Spanish language arts for them.”

Shown below are the teachers accepting their checks from representatives with the MRTA.




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