Students, staff recognized at June 11 board meeting
Students, staff recognized at June 11 board meeting
Friday, June 21, 2019
Read about the students and staff who were recognized at the June 11 Board of Education meeting.

Duke Talent Identification Program
Quin Kilcullen and Yashika Raja from Remington Traditional School earned grand recognition in the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP). Grand recognition is the highest recognition in the program. Earning state recognition in the program were Tehya Cox Potter from Pattonville Heights Middle School and Norina Shao from Remington. Other students who qualified for Duke TIP were Shannon Boyles, Marlie Corson, Abdukodir Djuraev, Logan Finn, Rayden Hudson, Zaria Purvey, Jordan Ramsey Williams El and Clare Ridings, all from Pattonville Heights; and Floyd Davis, Diego Halbeck, Camren Horton and Mateo Perales from Remington. Duke TIP identifies academically talented students based on standardized test scores. Candidates who qualify based on academic performance are invited to complete either the SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT college entrance examination while in middle school.



MLK Poster/Essay Contest
Three Pattonville students earned state recognition in the Missouri National Education Association (MNEA) annual Martin Luther King Poster and Essay Contest. Mahdi Sarrar of Bridgeway Elementary School placed second in the kindergarten and first grade category after placing second in the Pattonville district-wide contest. From Remington Traditional School, Aliyah Brown placed third in the state and second in the district in the second and third grade category, and Nicholas Shaw placed third in the state and second in the Pattonville contest in the fourth and fifth grade category. Several others students earned awards in the Pattonville district-wide MLK contest. In the kindergarten and first grade category, Layla Allen Puder from Willow Brook Elementary School won first place and Will Purnell from Remington took third place. In the second and third grade category, Devin Garner from Remington earned first place and Avyion Hill from Drummond Elementary School won third place. In the fourth and fifth grade category, Melissa Small from Remington won first place and Alexander Willingham took third place. In the middle school contest, Remington students Jasmine Gordon placed first, Justin Mathews placed second and Macy Avery placed third.


Diversity Awareness Art Contest
In the sixth through eighth grade division of the Diversity Awareness Partnership art contest, Eliora Adler placed first and Riley Nesheim placed second. Annalise Smith placed third in the high school division. Their middle school art teacher was Montie Richter.


Greater St. Louis Science Fair
Earning blue ribbons at the regional science fair were Emily Erickson-Karanja, Sophia Fernandez, Matthew Judge, Sharon Judge and Skylar Kuzuf. Earning a green ribbon were Cora Bland, Matthew Duong and Landon Sanderson.


Greater St. Louis Science Fair
Addison Balch and Aralise Gaston earned a blue ribbon at the regional science fair. Ally Crawford earned a red ribbon. Earning green ribbons were Olivia Balch, Abby Crawford, Kayla Linan, Daniel Stevens and Austin Tabers, who also earned a special award from the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House.


DAR Youth Citizen Award
Fifth-grader Alivia Ball was selected to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Youth Citizen award from the O’Fallon chapter of the DAR. This award is presented to students who exemplify honor, service, courage, leadership and patriotism.

Greater St. Louis Science Fair
Scott Chrostowski and Jackson Rumph earned blue ribbons at the regional science fair. Jaycyn Schnell’s second grade class also earned a blue ribbon. Members of her class include Noah Cantrell, Robert Chavez Medina, Dash Duron, Lucas Edmonds, Chase English, Justus Howard, Liyan Jaber, Ayaan Kureshi, Chloe Mabry, Cameron McCaleb, Cohen Moore, Isabelle Mrozewski, Aiden Okorn, Oliver Strauser, Elizabeth Wartick, Akayla Williams and Tristan Williams. Earning red ribbons were Tyran Grady, Ellie Lamy-Bearskin and Gabriela Price. Earning green ribbons were Ashton Dorsey, Lauren Hawkins, Pearl Krieger and Kureshi. 


Greater St. Louis Science Fair
Earning blue ribbons at the regional science fair were Leah Gantz, who also earned a special award from the Air and Waste Management Association, Olivia Gietl, Maya Heimsoth, Peyton McElroy, who also earned a special award from Bayer, Brett Quigg, Charly Scherer and Noah Suvansri. Earning a red ribbon were Marlon Patino and Cameron White.


Greater St. Louis Science Fair
At the regional science fair, Audrey Farrel earned a blue ribbon and a special award from MOST 529. Earning green ribbons were Bricyn Love, who also received a special award from the St. Louis Mineral and Gem Society, Caroline Rowe and Sophia Wynne.

Missouri Litter Free contest
Students in the PEGS (Program for Exceptionally Gifted Students) program won the Yes You CAN Make Missouri Litter Free trash can decorating contest sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Department of Transportation. Members of the class were Caleb Bonner, Aliyah Brown, Alexis Burroughs, Daniel Clifford, Devin Garner, Yosef Granillo, Donald McCullough, Jackson McCullough, Will Purnell, Nicholas Shao, Melissa Small, Harry Vandernoot and Alexander Willingham. They were taught by Robin Chang and Tracey Robinson.

Write Stuff competition
Yosef Granillo placed first in the third-through-fifth grade category of the St. Louis County Library’s Write Stuff competition.

Honors Model UN
The following students were invited to participate in the Honors Model UN (United Nations) session: Michael Fennewald, Beckett Grabner, Quin Kilcullen, Olivia Wentz and Zach Zarosa. During Model UN sessions, students represent a designated country and write resolutions that support that country’s citizens and the good of the world. The students were taught by Dodie Logue.


NPR Student Podcast Challenge
Floyd Davis, earned honorable mention in the NPR Student Podcast Challenge Contest for his podcast "Drugs on the Brain.” NPR invited students in fifth through 12th grades across the U.S. to submit a podcast on any topic they wished. Nearly 6,000 entries were submitted representing more than 25,000 students in schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
District band honors
Earning 1 Superior ratings for band at the district Solo and Ensemble Festival were Macy Avery for French horn solo, Connor Chapman for clarinet trio, Floyd Davis for saxophone duet, Jayden Essex for tuba solo, Mateo Perales for trumpet duet, Augie Linenbroker for baritone solo, Kyle Manker for saxophone duet and alto saxophone solo, Kaitlin Price for clarinet trio, Evan Schnatmeier for trumpet duet and Romy Wamhoff for clarinet trio. Earning 2 Excellent ratings were Avery and Linenbroker for brass trio, Alex Pace and Brennan Shipman for percussion ensemble and Carlos Llamas, Luke Stevenson and Staci Sutton for low bass trio. Sutton also earned a 2 for bass trio. The students were directed by Andrew Smith.


District orchestra honors
Earning a 1 Superior ratings for orchestra at the district Solo and Ensemble Festival were Audrey Dallape for string trio, Jasmine Gordon for cello solo, Diego Halbeck for string duet, Norina Shao for violin solo, Edward Ter-Hovhannisyan and Eliot Wheeler for string trio and Jacob Zarosa for string duet. They were directed by Carlye Feeney and Kimberly Gindler.


Greater St. Louis Science Fair
Earning blue ribbons at the regional science fair were Aliyah Brown, Alexis Burroughs, Devin Garner, who also earned a special award from MOST 529, Yosef Granillo, who also earned special awards from the Air and Waste Management Association and the Kalinowski Family, Donald McCullough, Jackson McCullough, Will Purnell, Nicholas Shao, Hadley Skouby, Melissa Small, who also earned a special award from the American Industrial Hygiene Association – St. Louis, and Alexander Willingham. Caleb Bonner earned a red ribbon, and Daniel Clifford and Harry Vandernoot earned green ribbons.

Honors Model U.N.
The following students were selected to participate in the Honors Model UN (United Nations) session: Seydou Ba, Auggie Heiligenstein, Talisa Prabhu and Sydney Suvansri. They were taught by Christina Elkins.

Robotics awards
Two Holman robotics teams placed at the Create Foundation U.S. Open Robotics State Championship. They advanced to state after earning the Create and Teamwork awards at the Kirkwood Vex IQ Competition. Students on the team that placed 17th at state were: Ethan Arana, Mia Baczynski, Maxwell Fetter, Parker Hasenkamp and Matthew Wulf. Members of the team that placed 19th at state were Neal Davey, Keegan Garland and Samantha Mokwa. Also qualifying for state were Connor Morris and Jackson Powell. At the Kirkwood competition, Brian Rivera-Velasquez was part of the Project R team that earned the Create and Teamwork awards and Samuel Mokwa and Logan Monroe earned the Judges Award. The teams were coached by teacher Cheryl Gragert.


National newspaper award
The "Holman Pirate Times," the student newspaper at Holman Middle School, was among the top-scoring middle school student publications in the American Scholastic Press Association’s Scholastic (ASPA) Newspaper Awards for 2019. This is the fourth consecutive year that Holman topped this national list of award-winning middle schools. Holman earned second place, which was the highest award for a middle school in 2019. The school tied with three other middle schools in the U.S., as no middle schools earned enough points to receive a first-place award this year. The contest includes categories for middle school, high school and college publications. Holman's newspaper is produced by the after-school Newspaper Club. Members are Nolan Ballard, Grace Burke, Syeda Urooj Fatima, Sydney Hoynacki, Matt Jacobi, Breon Jones, Gabrielle Kellner, Romero King, Gavin Lingle, Talisa Prabhu, DonMonique Simpkins, Sophia Tabers and Jessika Williams. Their sponsor is Glenn Changar.


District band honors
Anna Burke, Grace Burke, Charlie Burns, Max McFarland and Sydney Suvansri earned two 1 Superior ratings at the district Solo and Ensemble Festival. Also earning 1 ratings were Kayla Berndt, Jack Caesar, Lillian Cave, Armani Cochren, Gisel Estrada Lopez, Sami Green, Auggie Heiligenstein, Jordan Jackson, Jordan Kedl-Thomas, Alivia Kirk, Cordy Matulewic, Gabby McCain, Peter McCullough, Tepriya McMullen, Jett Mercer, Davionna Mosley, Markelle Robinson, Loralai Ruzzo, Jalen Smith, Allison Talir, Austin Traxel, Isabelle Usry and Semaj West. Their teachers were Adam Hall and Steve White.


District orchestra honors
At the district Solo and Ensemble Festival for orchestra, Aaron Wolz earned a 1 Superior rating for a solo, duet and two quartets; Kenedi Jenkins earned a 1 for a solo, duet and quartet; and Sydney Hoynacki, Matthew Jacobi and Talisa Prabhu earned a 1 for a solo and a 2+ for a duet. Casandra Medley O’Brien earned a 1 for a duet and a 2 for a solo. Also earning 1 ratings for solos were: Ayiana Baynes, Samantha Beasley, Caleb Fetter, Emma Schonhoff and Dakota Woracheck. Earning a 1 rating for quartet were Matthew Cutrell, Carter Gray, Addison Gutschenritter, Logan Monroe and Aubrie Pena. Earning a 1 for duet was Jahlil Johnson. Isaac Blassingame earned a 2 for a solo and a duet. Earning a 2 for solos were: Abigail Beasley, Alex Sanchez and Donmonique Simpkins. Their teacher was Irena Goren-Scheer.


District choir honors
The following group of students earned a 1 Superior rating for choir at the district Large Group Festival: Arianna Atkins, Bineta Ba, Elise Banks, Abriana Blue, Alana Byers, Penny Lane Carlton, Kody Hentschel, Essence Hughes, Jordan Jackson, Jahlil Johnson, Jennifer Lira Chombo, Wyatt Mackenberg, Kailey Mason, Casandra Medley O’Brien, Gregory Mosley, Morgan Mt. Pleasant, Jayden Mwangi, Taylor Mwangi, Nicole Noble, Kaylie Pace, Talisa Prabhu, Marilyn Prado, Ceniya Smith, Raelynn Stewart, Chelsea Tate, Jazline White, Alexandria Wilson, Issabelle Winkler and Keilyn Zambrano. Earning 1 Superior ratings for choir at the district Solo and Ensemble Festival were Jackson for duet, Mackenberg for solo and Mosley for solo and duet. The choir director was Larry Knobel.


District orchestra honors
Earning a 1 Superior rating for orchestra at the District Solo and Ensemble Festival were Shannon Boyles, Rylee Cochran, Nya Coleman, Lilyan Locke and Riley Steinbecker. Carlye Feeney and Kim Gindler were their teachers.


District vocal music honors
Vocal music students who earned a 1 Superior rating at the District Solo and Ensemble Festival were Patrick Ferguson, Elijah Jones, Caleb Long, Ethan Massey and Webb Shannon. Their choir teacher was Tracy Baker.

Greater St. Louis Science Fair
Tehya Cox-Potter earned a blue ribbon at the St. Louis Science Fair.


Student of the Year/Youth Leaders Council
Aric Hamilton, who graduated in May, was selected for the Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. 2019 Kappa League Student of the Year Award from the Middle-Western Province. He is one of eight national qualifiers for the Kappa League Student of the Year competition. Hamilton was also selected to serve on the Youth Leaders Council and have a leadership role in the State of Young People Summit which takes place at the Facebook headquarters in California. The event provides a platform for youth to share their perspectives, life experiences and ideas for change with adult thought leaders.


Missouri Scholars Academy
Jordyn Lodes and Tyler Wright were selected to attend the Missouri Scholars Academy. Only 330 students statewide were chosen to participate in the three-week academic program for Missouri’s gifted students who are ready to begin their junior year in high school. This residential program is held on the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia and features a specially designed curriculum focused on the liberal arts and a variety of stimulating extracurricular activities.

Aspirations in Computing Awards
Ayana Griffin and Yasaman Mostafavi were honored with Aspirations in Computing Award from NCWIT (National Center for Women and Information Technology) Aspirations in Computing (AiC), a community for female technologists that encourages persistence in computing at each pivotal stage of an individual’s educational and professional development. The Aspirations award serves to build a talent pool for the growing technical workforce and helps academic and corporate organizations celebrate diversity in computing by honoring young women at the high-school level for their computing-related achievements and interests. Award recipients are selected based on their aptitude and aspirations in technology and computing, leadership ability, academic history and plans for post-secondary education. Jeremiah Simmons was their computer science teacher.

Holocaust Museum Art and Writing Contest
Kelly Hill, Bryan Lopez and Josie O’Dell were among 24 winners of the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center’s annual Art and Writing Contest. They were chosen from nearly 500 submissions from across the U.S. Lopez won second place and a $200 cash prize in the high school visual arts division for his “Life in Auschwitz” painting; Hill placed third and earned $100 with her “Suffer the Innocent” painting, and O’Dell earned honorable mention and a $25 cash prize for her “Work Sets You Free” painting. Their artwork will be a permanent addition to the museum’s collection. Their art teacher is Marcia Mueller.

Boys/Girls State
Alex Djetto, Adam Kendrick, Aubrey Tendiel and Grant Wedig were selected to attend the 2019 American Legion Boys State of Missouri Program. Boys State is an eight-day, hands-on experience in the operation and fundamentals of government and serves as a leadership and citizenship training program. Students are nominated by their schools to attend, but are chosen by Boys State based on criteria related to leadership, character, scholarship and citizenship. Selected to attend the Missouri Girls State were Michala Criddle, Jenna Hageman, Momo Kikuchi and Camilla Wilkerson. Sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, Girls State is a weeklong program designed to promote pride in America and create a mythical state that participating citizens will govern at the city, county and state level. Delegates to Girls State are chosen by an interview and application procedure with their local auxiliary unit. Candidates are evaluated on their leadership abilities, interest in government, service to others and academics. Both programs are held on the campus of the University of Central Missouri.


Post-Dispatch Scholar Athlete
Kendall Battle was chosen as a St. Louis Post-Dispatch Scholar Athlete. The Scholar Athlete program honors a student from every high school in the area who participates in athletics and excels in the classroom. Battle was selected by nomination and vote of Pattonville's coaches. She was honored with her biography published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and online at She was also recognized during a St. Louis Cardinals game. Battle is a four-sport athlete who is excels academically and athletically. She played basketball, field hockey, soccer and track and field. She has earned conference, metro and state honors for her athletics along with local and state honors for DECA sports and entertainment marketing.

DECA state/district honors
Kendall Battle and Jada Moore placed second in sports and entertainment marketing at the state DECA competition. Other students competed at state after taking honors at the district level. Those students and their honors at districts were Kathryn Wentz, first in business finance; Rida Niazi, first in entrepreneurship series; Damon Maciocia and Mason Murphy, first in financial services; Gabrielle Shipman, first in leadership delegate and third in food marketing; Hannah Rodgers, second in business finance; Rachel Etwaroo, second in business law and ethics; Serena Taylor, second in business law and ethics; Michael Pirrie and Rodney Wallace, second in marketing communications; Madison Ambrosecchia, third in business finance; Sam Mathis, third in automotive services; and Amna Saeed, third in human resource management. Teacher Doug McGhee was their coach. DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Robotics honors
Three robotics teams earned awards this season. Team 7856 placed seventh at the First Tech Challenge State Championship after earning the first place Innovate, second place Design and third place Inspire awards at the FIRST FTC Qualifier. Members of the team were Slena Caldwell, Taj Deen, Sam Kadima, Tajh Martin, Summer Miller, Colleen Tyarks, Ben Wingerter, Jenny Wingerter and Kyle Wright. Team 2866 placed 16th and earned the Control Award at the state championship after earning the first place Inspire, second place Think and Motivate and third place Control, Innovate and Design awards at the FIRST FTC Qualifier. Team members were Erica Goryl, Erin McMahon, Jamajesti Times, Dan Trieu, Meekie Trieu, Stephaun Turner, Sam Vaclavik and Cory Williams. Team 2867 earned the first place Design, second place Control and third place Think awards at the FIRST FTC Qualifier. Members of the team were Deji Coker, Cole Dunsford, Audrey Freeman, Alex Morschl, Yasaman Mostafavi, Steven Seibert, William Skaggs, Eric Stricklin, Omair Syed and Alex Zamacona. Teacher Sue Mathis coached the team, along with volunteer mentors Brian Bateman, Charlie Hall, Gary Mathis, Carl Miller, Doan Trieu, Khoa Trieu and Rick Wingerter.


Speech and debate honors
Four students qualified to compete at nationals in speech and debate. Mya Harris qualified in informative speaking after placing fourth at the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) district competition and sixth at the Greater St. Louis Conference Finals. Will Polster qualified for nationals in public forum debate. He was a NSDA district champion in informative speaking. He was a state qualifier after being the MSHSAA district champion in public forum debate and placed second in extemporaneous speaking. He placed first in champ public forum debate and third in informative speaking at the Jefferson City Capitol Classic. He also placed second in informative speaking and U.S. extemporaneous speaking at the Greater St. Louis Conference and first in both at the Greater St. Louis Conference Finals. He was also named the Eastern Missouri Student of the Year. Nolan Prebianca was a national qualifier in public forum debate after being district champion. He also placed sixth in radio speaking at the MSHSAA districts. He was also a state qualifier in public forum debate and placed first in champ public forum debate and sixth in U.S. extemporaneous speaking at the Jefferson City Capitol Classic. Devin Zahner was a national qualifier in world schools debate and placed third in public forum debate in the Greater St. Louis Conference Finals. Bryant Ewing and Eden Magana Lopez were also state qualifiers in prose interpretation and poetry interpretation, respectively. Both were MSHSAA district champions in those categories. Other students earning honors were Kristinne Pacheco, semifinalist in humorous interpretation at the NSDA Districts; Isabella Tucci, semifinalist in informative speaking at the NSDA Districts and sixth at the Jefferson City Capitol Classic; Jailah Broadway, quarterfinalist in Lincoln Douglas Debate at the Jefferson City Capitol Classic; and Meredith Stroud, second in radio speaking at the Oakville Novice Invitational. Teacher Jennifer Raymond coached the team.

Mock trial honors
Pattonville’s mock trial team qualified for regionals after taking third at the preliminary competition. Members of the team were Mikayla Bridges, Alex Djetto, Nicholas Ertle, Juveria Fatima, Jenna Hageman, Momo Kikuchi, Brianna Smith and Isabella Tucci. They were coached by Jennifer Raymond.


All-State Journalism Team
Mikayla Bridges was named to the 2019 All-State Journalism Team, sponsored by the Missouri Journalism Education Association (MJEA). Only 10 students in the state were selected for this honor, which recognizes students who proved to be indispensable to their respective school media, whose leadership, energy, dedication and expertise make their publications possible but whose main contributions often occur behind the scenes. Honorees are nominated by their advisers, who must be a member of the MJEA. She was nominated by teacher Brian Heyman.

Perfect ACT score
Matthew Samuel received a rare perfect score on the ACT. He earned a 36, the highest score possible. Only around two-tenths of 1% of students who take the ACT earn a top score. In the U.S. high school graduating class of 2018, only 3,741 out of more than 1.9 million graduates who took the ACT earned a top composite score of 36. The last time a Pattonville student earned a perfect score on the ACT was in 2007.

Missouri Fine Arts Academy
Rachel McCormick was accepted into the Missouri Fine Arts Academy (MFAA) for theater. The MFAA is a two-week summer residential program at Missouri State University for highly motivated student artists in visual arts, theater, dance, creative writing and music. The academy offers an intensive schedule of classes in interdisciplinary and discipline-specific arts as well as a wide range of co-curricular activities.

Missouri video competition
Marius Ignat earned Best in State for Missouri in the World of 7 Billion video contest. His video, “Fusion Reactors – The Energy of the Future,” was a short video on human population growth and highlights a global challenge that needs to be faced. He was part of Amy Schwendemann’s Applied Science and Technology class.


National Spanish Exam
Rachel Huddleston, Gage Menk and James Pieper received a silver medal and national recognition in the 2019 Spanish Exam. They were taught by Silvia Hilker.

Youth of the Year Award
Jarred McCormick was selected to receive the Gateway Region YMCA Ray Sonnenberg Sr. Youth of the Year Award. The annual award recognizes young YMCA volunteers who best exemplify the YMCA’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.
Celebration of Poets anthology
Jennifer Acosta Cervantes, Sama Awad, Valeria Escaray, Emmanuel Ikya, Fanen Ikya and Musawer Sajid were selected to have a poem published in Creative Communication’s publication “A Celebration of Poets” anthology. Kathleen O’Keefe was their teacher.

State/district band honors
Earning gold medals at the state Solo and Ensemble Festival for band were Leslie Azwell, Kyra Correa, Joe Davis and Kyle Halveland for saxophone quintet; Laura Harder for keyboard mallet solo; Chad Jones for tuba solo; Holly Jones for flute solo; and Wade Zagoren for saxophone quintet. Earning silver medals at state were Natalie Baugher for tuba solo; Andrew Brown and Lay Dukes for trumpet trio; Daniel Enberg for trombone quartet; Ryan Geiger for trumpet trio; Van Grabner and Logan Harder for trombone quartet; Rozella House, Tiaira James, Holly Jones and James Lyerla for flute trio; Thomas McFarland for snare drum solo; Alex Newett and Matthew Samuel for trumpet trio; Nora Scharer for flute trio; Trevor Vigus for trumpet trio; Savanna Wooten for trombone solo and trombone quartet; and Alexis Wysocki for flute trio. Earning bronze medals at state were Kyle Beaver, Ashley Bly and Nichole DeKoster for French horn trio; and Abigail Twyman for clarinet solo. All of these students advanced to state after earning one or more 1 Superior ratings at the district Solo and Ensemble Festival. Their band directors were Denny McFarland, Sara Deutschmann and Anna White.

State/district orchestra honors
Earning gold recognition at the state Solo and Ensemble Festival for orchestra were Jade Boyd for violin solo and string quartet, Lacey Harder for bass duet, Hannah Jones for string quartet, Elly Lu for violin solo and string quartet, Abigail Surlet for bass duet and Natalie Young for string quartet. Earning silver at state were Amnarely Gamino Pinon for violin quartet, Lacey Harder for bass quartet, Amelia Khan for violin quartet, Jarred McCormick for violin solo, Lily Smith for violin quartet, Alicia Spalding for viola solo, Surlet for bass solo and Young for violin quartet. Earning bronze awards at state were Maya Blumenthal for string duet, Chandler Fajardo for viola solo, Khan for string duet, Gage Menk for cello solo and string duet, Nathan Moser for string duet, William Skaggs for bass quartet, Smith for violin solo, Surlet for bass quartet and Simon Wacker for string duet. The orchestra students advanced to state after earning one or more 1 Superior ratings at the district Solo and Ensemble.
        At the Williamsburg Festival, Pattonville’s chamber orchestra earned gold recognition. Members of this group were Aliza Ahmed, Blumenthal, Boyd, David Chien, Fajardo, Gamino Pinon, Harder, Hannah Jones, Khan, Jarred McCormick, Rachel McCormick, Menk, Moser, Millen Patel, Skaggs, Smith, Spalding, Surlet, Isabella Tucci, Wacker, Trinity Wessler, Jacob Wilfong, Tyler Wright and Young, who was also selected to receive the Maestro’s Award at the festival. The combined concert orchestra earned silver at Williamsburg. Members of this group were Seth Armbruster, Helen Bae, Charley Bennight, Khristopher Bolton, Justin Bowers, Camille Brown, Tara Chandler, Aiden Farkas, Kaitlyn Flippin, Harry Heitmeier, Olivia Hernandez, Meagan Holder, Tate Holt, Tyler Hunt, Emma Kasicki, Anna Kasprzyk, Kacey Kluba, Lu, Lauren Moton, Kaitlyn Musselwhite, Halee Oliver, Brayden Procter, Ty Procter, Lena Ridley, Kalista Roades, Juan Romero, Rapheal Seymour, Daniel Smith, Jessie Stark, Stroud, Haley Swift, Marcus Swingler, Aeeda Talukder, Taylor, Orney Walker, Audrey Watson, Deandre Westbrook and Brooke York. Michael Dunsmoor was their orchestra director.

State choir honors
Choir students who earned 1 Exemplary ratings at the state Solo and Ensemble Festival were Sarah Burke, Ja’nya Cruise, Julia Drake, Alayna Hopgood, Kristen Jones, Taylor Knight, Micah Lee, Hannah Radican, Lily Reynolds, Christopher Tobar, Autumn Varner, Tony Washington and Kasey Yancey. Drake, Hopgood, Tobar and Washington also earned a 1 rating as part of the J-CAT Quartet. Melynda Lamb was their choir director.


Selected to present
Pattonville college and career counselor Michelle Luraschi was selected to present two sessions at the Missouri Association of College Admission Counseling state conference.

Assistant Principal of the Year
Dr. Jon Fitzgerald, assistant principal at Pattonville High School, was selected to receive the St. Louis Association of Secondary School Principals (SASSP) 2019 Assistant Principal of the Year award.

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