Performance contracting, rebates combine to support improvements, savings
Performance contracting, rebates combine to support improvements, savings
Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Over the last few years, the Pattonville School District has used a tool known as performance contracting to improve its school buildings and reduce energy consumption and utility costs. With this process, an energy service contractor is required to guarantee that the cost of its work will have a 15-year (or less) payback to the district through energy and operational savings.

Typical improvements completed under these contracts include lighting, heating and cooling, and water consumption projects. By tying the construction cost to a guaranteed payback, Pattonville is able to complete construction projects without any cost to taxpayers while also decreasing the district’s energy consumption and impact on the environment.

In addition, Ameren Missouri and Spire offer rebates to fund projects like these, and total rebates to Pattonville are expected to be around $750,000. Pattonville has $21 million in projects underway districtwide and expects to reduce energy consumption by at least 30%.

"For perspective, the projects underway at Pattonville High School will save the equivalent of nearly 500 average households’ electricity usage each year," said Ron Orr, Pattonville's chief financial officer.

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David Winslow, third from left, Pattonville's director of facilities, and Ron Orr, third from right, Pattonville's chief financial officer, accept a check for a rebate from Spire. Ameren Missouri and Spire offer rebates for projects that improve energy efficiency.

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