Rose Acres STEM Night offers activities for whole family
Rose Acres STEM Night offers activities for whole family
Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Rose Acres Elementary School’s annual Family STEM Night enabled families to enjoy experiences related to various areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) together. During the recent event, approximately 150 adults and students participated in hands-on activities such as building rockets, driving robots and flying a drone.

Eleven different stations were staffed by parents and volunteers from Best Buy, the Challenger Learning Center, Pattonville High School and Washington University, as well as staff from Rose Acres and other schools in Pattonville.

"All the exhibits were designed to be interactive and allow families to join their students on their journey to learn more about science, technology, engineering and math," said Rungsee Suvansri, Rose Acres science paraprofessional. "By the end of the event, many walked away with fun memories and a taste of STEM they may not have gotten to experience before."

Participants could try their hand at flying a drone simulator, watch 3D printers in action, check out virtual reality equipment, learn how circuits work and drive a student-built robot through an obstacle course. Attendees learned about force and motion by building Hot Wheel ramps, used math to figure out which candies would sink or float and created jewelry based on their DNA. Other popular activities included a construction station where students were given random challenges to build with Lego bricks and the rocket design station where families created and tested paper rockets with a custom-built rocket launcher using compressed air from a bicycle pump.

Students also shared their favorite memories from the event.

“My favorite thing was doing the 3D printer,” said third grader Aubrey Holdren. “I got to see how people can design things and put them in the mechanical devices.”

“I had fun building Legos and driving around the robots,” said first grader Jonah Smith.

Third graders Ben Heimsoth and Sofia Kliethermes enjoyed the force and motion station, which featured Hot Wheels cars.

“At the Hot Wheels station, I was able to make a car go through the ramp and knock down the castle I made,” Heimsoth said.

“I like the Hot Wheels station because I found a ramp and made a loop-de-loop,” Kliethermes said. “I tested it out with a car, and it didn’t work, but when I did it with a marble, the marble went over the pool noodle that was used as a bumper.”

First grader Kylan Watson seemed to like it all.

“I liked that it was interesting to see the technology that you can do,” he said.

A family checks out the circuit station at the Rose Acres STEM Night.

The drone station was a popular stop during the Rose Acres STEM Night.

Volunteers with the Challenger Learning Center test out the rocket launcher made with a bike pump.

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