Students and staff recognized at April 9 board meeting
Students and staff recognized at April 9 board meeting
Monday, April 15, 2019
Read about the students and staff who were recognized at the April 9 Board of Education meeting.

Missouri Law Day Essay Contest
Daniel Clifford, a fifth-grader at Remington, placed second in the fourth- and fifth-grade category of the Missouri Law Day Essay Contest. His essay focused on the powers, checks and balances and origins of the three governmental branches. The contest was sponsored by the Missouri National Education Association and the Missouri Bar Young Lawyers Section.

Missouri Scholars 100
Two seniors at Pattonville High School were recognized by the 2019 Missouri Scholars 100 program. Will Polster was selected for the program and Victoria Lofland was selected as honorable mention. Missouri Scholars 100 is a statewide program, sponsored by the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals, that honors 100 of Missouri’s top academic graduating students. Selection is based on a formula that uses a student’s GPA and ACT or SAT score and an academic decathlon that consists of 10 events, including being an exemplary citizen, taking upper-level courses and being ranked in the upper 10% of their class.


Young Artists' Showcase Juried Exhibit
Two students had art selected for the juried Emerson Young Artists’ Showcase. Senior Sydney Beins had a watercolor titled “Spiffy Pom” chosen, and senior Celia Friedrich had an acrylic painting titled “Hanging by a Thread” selected. Around 370 students submitted artwork and less than one third were accepted. Their artwork was on display at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild in March. These students are in teacher Beth Kathriner’s AP Studio Art 2 class.


UMSL Bridge program
Students who completed the University of Missouri-St. Louis Bridge Program are Richard Dunbar, Jaylen Greenlee, Amiya Holmes, Jeffrey Kircus, Kevaughna Nelson, Ayiana O'Neal, Kendall Perine and Tyler Wright. The Bridge Program offers classes in subjects like math, writing skills, career and personal development and college preparation.


Jazz band festival honors
The jazz band and jazz ensemble from Pattonville High School placed third at the Jazz at the Meadows festival, a large festival comprised of around 100 performing ensembles from the Midwest. Five students earned Outstanding Musicianship awards for their performance. They are Chad Jones, for trombone in a jazz combo and jazz ensemble; Daniel Mamrenko for percussion in jazz ensemble; Thomas McFarland for vibes in a jazz band and percussion as part of the jazz ensemble; Alex Newett for trumpet in jazz band; and Simon Wacker for bass as part of the jazz combo. They are directed by Denny McFarland, Sara Deutschmann and Anna White.


Cheerleader national honors
The Pattonville varsity cheerleaders placed fifth at the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) National Championship. Members of the cheerleading team include Alliah Allen, Maddie Ambrosecchia, Lexi Blount, MaKayla Harden, Quincie Howard, Kesley Kobielusz, McKenzie Massey, Nicole McDaniel, Tori Miniex, Skylar Monnig, Hannah Rodgers, Sofia Serra, Peyton Smith, Amaya Washington and Kathryn Wentz. Their coaches include Kallie Hunt, Audrey Masek, Fred Shatto and Amy Tran.


SSD Special Ambassador Award
The administrative team at Pattonville High School was selected to receive a Special Ambassador Award, the highest honor given by the Special School District (SSD). The award is presented to community members who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to the students and staff of SSD. The administrative team includes: associate principal Bob Thompson; assistant principals Dr. Dana Burns, Dr. Jon Fitzgerald, Gene Grimshaw and Odetta Smith; and activities coordinator Bob Hebrank.


Employees who were nominated for Teacher and Support Staff of the Year were honored at the April 9 board meeting.

Building-Level Teachers of the Year
The following educators were named the Teacher of the Year for their school: Meredith Keough from the Pattonville Early Childhood Center; Mollie Ahlers from Bridgeway Elementary School; Amanda Starwalt from Drummond Elementary School; Kristen Buescher from Parkwood Elementary School; Nicole Mikel from Rose Acres Elementary School; Barb Klepner from Willow Brook Elementary School; Allison Grigone from Remington Traditional School; Ed Stevens from Holman Middle School; Laura Lancaster from Pattonville Heights Middle School; and Jeremiah Simmons from Pattonville High School.


Building-Level Support Staff of the Year
The following staff members were named the Support Staff Employee of the Year for their building: Cindy Brooks from early childhood; Susan Peroutka from Bridgeway; Tracy Cook from Drummond; Kim Sims from Parkwood; Rungsee Suvansri from Rose Acres; Roxanne Comens from Willow Brook; Florida Jenkins from Remington; Bertha Doyle Sneed from Holman; Kim Upson from Pattonville Heights; Donna Sellers from the high school and Ida Cothrine from the Learning Center, representing the district services group.


Elementary Teacher of the Year nominees
  • From ALPHA - Nancy Brennan and Cheralyn Kirton.
  • From early childhood - Abby Hancock, Katy O'Quinn and Sharon Wood.
  • From Bridgeway - Alex Buerck, Nicole Hagedorn, Emily Lerman, Vicki Martin, Allison O'very, Nisa Peters, Catherine Selleck, Nancy Stevens-Martin, Miranda Wilkes and Kendra Worsham.
  • From Drummond - Christine Behlmann, Tammi Buckner, Ashley Burd, Courtney Cady, Amber Callahan, Josie Cammarata, Sarah Carter, Windy Cushman, Dr. Amanda Denson, Kim Dickinson, Kathleen Dolan, Nicole Dye, Carolyn Elliot, Jake Ferguson, Debbie Foster, Kevin Hughes, Mindy Jackson, Jacob Johnson, Brenda Kelch, Denise Kuse, DaMara Lashley, Carley McClain, Nicholas Morgan, Annie Niklawski, Sierra Plume, Amy Powell, Jessica Robbins, Ginger Roberts, Karen Scherzer, Samantha Shyken, Jamie Sievers, Mary Sosman, Danielle Timson, Joanna Todd, Jason Van Beers, Amber Wilson and Laura Witte.
  • From Parkwood - Debra Bonner, Angela Byrne, Amanda Castile, Kelley Chestnut, Kristin Gosa, Mallory Hamilton, Terri Lyell, Janel MacLean, Audrey Masek, Sarah Mather, Denise Overman, Michelle Petke, Ashley Powers, Jaycyn Schnell, Greg Stoltz, Elle Taylor, Jen Ulmer, Sandy Weis, Mary Vance and Heather Wilkerson.
  • From Rose Acres - Grace Burgos, Amy Fitch, Teresa Gunter, Jolene Hilligoss, Gina McKelly, Joe Rehagen, Mary Spitzmiller, Steve Vargo, Michelle Wagner and Kim Zuccarello.
  • From Willow Brook - Kate Ackman, Natalie Alvarez, Jamie Cargal, Chris Cheatham, Gia Clark, Maria Farmer, Kristen Gartland, Mary Florence Goding, Connie Hollstein, Andrea King, Katie Lambdin, Alyssa Lipson, Dawn Lynn, Heather McCord, Kris McGhee, Phyllis Pasley, Billy Thompson and Christine Young.
  • From Remington - Wendy Brown, Robin Chang, Lindsey Cottingham, Pam Davenport, Tamika Dukes, Kim Gindler, Danica Johnson, Eric Johnson, Ben Johnston, Taylor Koenig, Lisa Kraemer, Lauren Niewald, Jill Ramig, Tracey Robinson, Lynda Sotolar, Allison Stout and Laura Vitale.

Middle school Teacher of the Year nominees
  • From Holman - Melva Arps, Latoya Blair, Maegan Bowersox, Christian Brinser, Linda Cooper, Alicia Dietz, Mia Divine, Tina Easton, Christina Elkins, Mary Enterman, Melissa Evans, Julia Gibson, Adam Hall, Teresa Hutti, Melanie Judge, David Kim, David Knapp, Larry Knobel, Jonna Leonard, Rachel Luna, Marian Mitchell, Dr. Sarah Moran, Alisa Neal, Kelly Paluczak, Montie Richter, Ryan Shea, Jessica Smith, Marcie Spawr, Jonathan Striebel, Denise Thomas, Laura Waisner and Steven White.
  • From Pattonville Heights - Tracy Baker, Chris Benbow, Claudia Benbow, Kerry Brown, Dr. Donna Burd, Danielle Carr, Krista Cross, Courtney Douty, Carlye Feeney, Laura Hartsock, Amy Meyers, Claudia Miller, Dawn Osman, Jason Payne, Tara Rice, Jennifer Robin, Juliane Ross, Sarah Slane, Tyler Smith, Kelly Strobel, Pam Walsh, Stephanie Walton, Emily Weber, Travis Williams and Michael Winship.

High school Teacher of the Year nominees
  • From Pattonville High School - Amy Adam, Greg Adam, Joe Baird, Michael Boulanger (POSITIVE School), Lorna Bulger, Thomas Crockett, Christian Dornhoefer, Nathan Dwyer, Dr. Jon Fitzgerald, Katie Fitzpatrick, Katie Funderburk, David Gross, Tammy Hasheider, Scott Hauser, Jessica Houghtaling, Jamie Jobe, Megan Kemper, Kate Kessler, Jake Kim (POSITIVE School), Katherine Korte, Janet Kuhn, Darrell Langston, Holly Martinez, Emily McDaniel, Doug Newton, Danel Pals, Vicki Robben, Jacki Saxton, Amy Schwendemann, Jason Sellers, Steve Smith, Melissa Sparkman (POSITIVE School), Anjie Stendeback, Eleanor Taylor, Kimberly Walker (POSITIVE School), Robin Woodrome (POSITIVE School) and Aaron Wynn.

Support Staff of the Year nominees
  • From early childhood - Erica Abowitz, Lori Connors, Munazza Farugi, Lora Monroe, Jamie Schnieders and Kate Schneider.
  • From Bridgeway - Kara Crismon, Lisa Fiquette and David Hebron.
  • From Drummond - Harry Cima, Adrienne Draper, Rebecca Gillming, Kelly Hogan, Stephanie Kellner, Carole Marsden, Kristina Mueller, Mallory Noble, Chris Scanga, Michelle Stewart, Mike Williams and Drew Woerther.
  • From Parkwood - Brandy Fowler, Kim James, Colleen Meehan, Alisha Penny and Veronica White.
  • From Rose Acres - Karen Gilbert, Rommel McDonald, Amy Reese and Lisa Steelman.
  • From Willow Brook - Georgia Becerril, Mack Boyd, Melissa Capstick, Leon Douglas, David Duncan, Morgan Elkins, Jennifer Haub, Brittany Wilkins, Emya Williams Watson and Irene Wooten.
  • From Remington - Anaisabel Cruz, Vicky Davis-Price, Mike Evans, Malissa Fedrick, Valerie Marino and Jennifer Schmidt.
  • From Holman - Shannon Hill.
  • From Pattonville Heights - Michelle Crocker, Joe Groceman and Patty Payne.
  • From Pattonville High School - Mike Brockmeyer, Gregory Brooks, Paul Derda, Lisa Foust, Travis Harder, Debbie Jansen, Kim Miller, Glenn Moss and Kristin Riggs (POSITIVE School).
  • From the district services group - Kim Butts, Tamika Duncan, Steven Klosky, Vonnie Mack-Haley, Colleen Mullins, Jason Ohlsen, Jeanette Pashia-Riley, Chris Poelker, Tayler Rose, Mike Siebe, Christal Southard, Brenda Vitale and Roxanne Wells-Williams.

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