PEF awards more than $16,000 in grants for innovative programs
PEF awards more than $16,000 in grants for innovative programs
Friday, September 14, 2018
The Pattonville Education Foundation (PEF) awarded more than $16,000 in funds during the 2017-2018 school year for 12 different grant proposals that benefit Pattonville students. The individuals who received grants from the foundation, their grant titles and a brief explanation of each are as follows:

  • Dr. Bill Casner, Bridgeway Elementary School, "Flexible Seating" - The grant paid for standing desks to support Bridgeway in its flexible seating project. Bridgeway piloted flexible seating in a few classrooms, but thanks to the PEF grant, all students now have access to at least one standing desk in each classroom. The project is a school-wide approach to adapt classroom learning environments to meet the needs of all students while giving them a voice and choice.
  • Carla Gardner with co-applicant Dawn Osman, Pattonville Heights Middle School, “Comfort and Sensory Relaxation Room” - The grant provided funding to purchase new furniture, lighting and a variety of accessories such as an aromatherapy diffuser to create a “comfort and sensory relaxation room.” The room is beneficial to students who deal with anxiety, depression or other challenges by providing interventions that help them maintain focus and build relationships. Having a safe and calming place to self-regulate and become ready to learn supports students’ success at school.  
  • Carrie Gausling, Pattonville High School, “Flexible Seating for Functional Skills” - The grant paid for a variety of flexible seating furniture that helps service students who receive physical and occupational therapy in the functional skills/community-based vocational instruction classroom at Pattonville High School. The new seating allows students to become more comfortable while working on daily assignments in the classroom. Students who suffer with attention problems are able to move and change seating, which can help eliminate potential behavior issues.
  • Brian Heyman, Pattonville High School, “Coming to you LIVE!” - The grant provided funds to purchase broadcast stereo headsets, microphones and other media equipment. Journalism students use the new equipment to live stream different sports events at the high school. They are also learning to use the equipment for video production and podcasts. Heyman said, “With the rise of technology and skills like these being expected at the college level for students interested in journalism, this would give students from Pattonville a head start to be successful in the field.”
  • Lauren Jordan, Pattonville Heights Middle School, “Flipped Classroom Model” - The grant provided funding for a document camera necessary to implement a flipped classroom model for sixth-grade math. In a flipped classroom, students use class time to practice and reinforce concepts while homework time is used to watch lessons filmed by their teacher over the concepts they need to master. This model of instruction increases the amount of time students have with the teacher to seek help and eliminates students' time spent at home on problems they don’t understand.
  • Jonna Leonard with co-applicant Jeff Grass, Holman Middle School, “Holman P.E. (Physical Education) Activities” - The grant paid for purchasing a GaGa Ball pit and nine-square court at Holman. GaGa Ball is a high-energy game played with a soft, foam ball in an octagonal pit, similar to a gentle version of dodgeball. The game encourages students to play who may not enjoy games that traditionally are competitive, such as basketball or soccer.
  • Dodie Logue, Remington Traditional School, “Tabletop Desks” - The grant paid for standing desks to encourage student engagement and productivity. The standing desks  give students the choice to sit or stand in order to remain comfortable and focused in the classroom.
  • Wendy Mathis, Pattonville Heights Middle School, “Alternative Seating-Desks with Pedals” - The grant provided funds for stationary bike desks. The desks give students an outlet for their energy and help them remained engaged during class time. Students are able to be active but remain on task.
  • Tina Rellergert, Pattonville High School, “Stand Up! Sit Down! Find a Seat!” - The grant provided funds to pay for flexible seating furniture for the functional skills classroom at Pattonville High School. Students are able to choose seating that best fits them. Flexible seating choices help eliminate attention problems in the classrooms as students are able to move and change seating based on where they feel most comfortable.
  • Ky Schlundt with co-applicant Michelle Miletic, Pattonville High School, “Flexible Seating for a Flexible Lunch Option” - The grant paid for new chairs and tables for the high school’s Teen Connect open lunch room. The room is open to any student at the high school as an alternative to the noisy and crowded cafeteria. It gives students a quieter and less stimulating space where they can make connections with other students they may not have made in the larger cafeteria. The new seating arrangements help meet student’s sensory needs and preferences.
  • Amy Schwendemann, Pattonville High School, “Project Green” - The grant provided funding for an irrigation system, Raspberry Pi thermometers, screening material, compost and other items necessary to build a greenhouse and outdoor garden as part of the new applied science class at the high school. The project helped students increase their knowledge in the fields of science, engineering, agriculture, business and marketing. Fresh produce from the garden is given to the school’s backpack program, which provides food for students in need on the weekends.
  • Tyler Smith, Pattonville Heights Middle School, “Flipped Classroom” - The grant paid for a document camera to record math video lessons in order to create a flipped classroom model. The flipped classroom model involves students watching instructional videos at home and using classroom time to work on group projects, confer with their teacher and dive into problem-based learning.
The PEF has awarded more than $265,000 in grants since it was established in 1994. The PEF is dedicated to serving Pattonville children and the Pattonville school community by providing funding to support innovative educational programs that benefit students in Pattonville schools. Major fundraisers as well as gifts from individuals, corporations and businesses provide the financial support for the foundation's work.

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