Board meeting notes for June 12
Board meeting notes for June 12
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Read about actions taken at the recent school board meeting. Find out more by visiting Pattonville's BoardDocs website.

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Other Board Actions
The Board of Education on June 12:
  • Reviewed and accepted an evaluation of the district's professional development program (the report and presentation can be found on the district's BoardDocs website);
  • Appointed board vice president Andrea Glenn to serve on the district's student suspension/residency appeal committee, replacing a board member who retired from the board;
  • Approved paying $1,596,792.66 in regular bills;
  • Approved paying $250,572.45 for purchases made on Pattonville's purchasing cards, which earned the district a rebate of nearly 1 percent (or $2,305.27);
  • Declared a list of books and equipment as surplus to be sold at auction on the district's website;
  • Approved paying $12,636.53 to EducationPlus for the balance of its 2017-2018 membership dues;
  • Lodged for action the adoption of Policy JHDF (Suicide Awareness and Prevention) and the reviewing and revising Policy IGBD (At Risk Students); a vote is expected during the June 26 board meeting;
  • Lodged for action revisions to the district's behavior guides; a vote is expected at the June 26 board meeting;
  • Approved revisions to Policy BCC (Appointed Board Officials);
  • Approved paying $5,036.50 to Tueth, Keeney, Cooper, Mohan and Jackstadt for legal services;
  • Approved a resolution for the issuance, sale and delivery of general obligation bonds;
  • Approved budget revisions for the 2017-2018 school year;
  • Approved the renewal of an annual support subscription for the Filewave Mobile Device Management Solution agreement with Filewave (USA), Inc. for the period July 1 through June 30, 2019 for $39,200;
  • Awarded a bid for library furniture for Pattonville High School to Office Essentials for $18,803.08 (this is a purchase funded by the 2017 zero tax rate increase bond issue);
  • Approved the renewal of the eValuate online assessment platform agreement with Newton Alliances, LLC, for the period of Aug. 1through June 30, 2019 for $56,498;
  • Awarded a bid for a performance contract for improvements at Parkwood and Rose Acres elementary schools, Pattonville Heights Middle School and Pattonville High School to Navitas for $10,250,790;
  • Awarded a bid for student furniture for Holman Middle School to Office Essentials for $16,845.92;
  • Approved the purchase of employee survey results from Energage for $11,550; and
  • Approved the renewal of a custodial chemical dispensed product agreement with Royal Papers, Inc. for a one-time purchase for product that will last two years for $55,532.10.
New Hires
  • Caitlyn Bubb, fourth-grade teacher, Drummond
  • Ameerah Collins, call center coordinator, Learning Center
  • Sarah Huber, mathematics teacher, Pattonville Heights
  • Maria Saunders, executive secretary in the human resource center, Learning Center
  • Hannah Schneider, physical education teacher, Bridgeway and Holman
  • Crystal Tomlinson, middle school alternative education/long-term in-school suspension teacher, Learning Center

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