Pattonville explores clinic option for employee health care
Pattonville explores clinic option for employee health care
Friday, March 9, 2018
Pattonville is partnering with two nearby school districts to explore the use of employee health clinics which can provide health care services to staff members near their worksites. Employees would have the option of using their own physicians or using the employee clinic for a variety of health care needs. The model, which has been shown to increase access for employees and reduce health care expenses for employers, is being used by other school districts and companies both locally and nationally.

Under the model being explored, employee health clinics would provide Pattonville staff the following benefits:
  • Acute services for symptoms such as cold, flu and sore throats, fever and infections, skin irritations, bumps and bruises, sprains and strains, cuts and lacerations and allergies;
  • Preventative services such as physical exams, health-risk screenings, wellness services, disease management, lab tests, immunizations and tobacco cessation; and
  • Additional services such as occupational health, safety, pharmacy, dental, vision, physical therapy and telemedicine.
Having a health care clinic dedicated solely to employees will provide staff members increased access and convenience to health care services. In addition, Pattonville is pursuing the option of using a "physician model" clinic, which is operated by a medical doctor who can dispense prescriptions on site and avoid the need for sick or injured employees to make a second trip to a pharmacy.

Pattonville and two partner districts have narrowed a search for an employee clinic provider to two finalists, and are now evaluating them based on a number of areas, including scope of services, staffing models and care management philosophy, among other criteria. District officials are also visiting current sites being operated by the potential vendors before making a final recommendation at the March 13 board meeting. The goal is to launch the clinic model next fall.

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