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We Envision All Pattonville Students

as contributing citizens of their school, community, country, and world. We see students living their hopes and dreams through self-reliance, commitment, compassion, and cooperation.

Adopted December 13, 1994

Principal speaking to class with students raising their hands

The Pattonville Mission

"That All Will Learn ... to become responsible citizens in a nurturing environment where

diversity means strength

knowledge means freedom and

commitment means success."

Student working on iPad and within notebook

The Pattonville Vision

We Envision Pattonville as a(n)

  • Caring community where all learners are valued, loved, respected, and regarded as our hope for today and the future.

  • Safe community where respect for self and others is demonstrated; where integrity and dignity guide behavior.

  • Learning community where all are challenged to excel. We see students as life-long learners and problem solvers who are academically prepared for success and committed to excellence.

  • Interdependent community where unity among students, families, patrons and staff fosters learning, responsibility and an appreciation of the diverse individual.