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Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP)

Every five years, Pattonville School District updates its strategic plan. The current plan is expected to be be completed at the end of the school year. This fall, Pattonville instigated the process to update its plan. Updating CSIP includes months-long process involving parents, students, community members, staff and area leaders. At the end of the process, a plan and recommendation for the next five years is presented to the Pattonville Board of Education for approval. 

Board Approves 2023-2028 Strategic Plan (CSIP)

The Pattonville Board of Education on Feb. 14 approved an updated strategic plan for the district following a months-long process involving parents, students, community members, staff and area leaders. The plan, or CSIP (Comprehensive School Improvement Plan), focuses on ensuring all students become success-ready graduates and planning for and addressing any critical issues that may arise in the areas of facilities, finances, safety and staffing. Each school provided feedback on the district CSIP plan and met independently to create a building plan. Those are expected to be completed at the Feb. 21 district CSIP meeting. Below are the goals and objectives for the 2023-2028 CSIP plan.


Strategic Plan Goals

CSIP Meeting Updates