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Two students working together at their desk smiling

We are Villemade

Empower your child for a successful future with a personalized, innovative education that adapts to their unique learning needs and aspirations.

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Three students working together on STEM project in classroom with two teachers.

Empowering Futures, Embracing Diversity

Pattonville is ranked as the most diverse school district in Missouri, valuing every child and enriching the experiences of all students, families and staff. 

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High school student working with younger student at desk, who is excited about what she's seeing on her iPad

A Beacon of Excellence

Experience the Pattonville difference where tradition meets innovation and every student is equipped to excel in a rapidly changing world.

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Who We Are

Pattonville is a vibrant learning community dedicated to fostering academic excellence, embracing diversity and nurturing the whole child. With a focus on innovation and family collaboration, we empower students to discover their passions and become confident, compassionate leaders prepared for the world ahead.

about our district

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Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus
Teacher working with student on project at desk

Student & Staff


What I love most about Pattonville is the genuine sense of community and support that reaches every building at every grade level in our district. As a teacher, I appreciate the collaborative spirit among fellow staff members and the dedication to student success. As a parent, I appreciate the nurturing and inclusive atmosphere that all our schools offer. Overall, what stands out to me the most is the shared passion and collective effort of everyone involved - staff, parents and students - to create a welcoming and high-achieving community of learning.

Rungsee Suvansri, Staff, Parent
Social Worker and Student smiling together on the playground

Student & Staff


I am honored to have the opportunity to be the Early Childhood Social Worker and work with our youngest students entering our district. We have a top notch special education program that offers early intervention and early learning to best prepare students for their next steps into their K-12 journey. The early childhood staff is one of the most dedicated, hard working, and compassionate group of educators I have ever worked with in education. 

Erica Abowitz, Early Childhood Social Worker
Volunteer and student playing a game together

Student & Staff


As a 15-year volunteer tutor at Remington, I have learned as much as I have taught. Students amaze me with questions, insights and keen observations.  And I am continually energized by the vibe that keeps that whole building humming.   

Martha Murphy, Oasis Volunteer
Teacher smiling at the camera

Student & Staff


I graduated from Pattonville in 1986. I really enjoyed school, and I felt valued and supported in the Pattonville school community. I was looking forward to returning as a teacher in the district that I loved — and that's what I did. After 33 years of teaching in Pattonville, I feel the same way. The district continues to put students first, and expects "That All Will Learn.” I live in the Pattonville community and I love making connections with families. In Pattonville, I see students who are held to high standards, teachers who truly enjoy each other and their work with kids, administrators who look for ways to support staff and students, support staff who value their role in making this district a great place to learn, and a community that consistently proves that we are all in this together.  

Elizabeth Brisch, Alum, Staff
Director of early childhood

Student & Staff


Pattonville has a special place in my heart. I grew up in this community and attended school here from kindergarten through high school graduation. I am extremely grateful that my career in education has brought me home to advocate for children on a daily basis. I am proud that I have the opportunity to give back to a community that I love. It's a fun and supportive place to call "my work.” 

Greg Cicotte, Director of Early Childhood
Oasis volunteers together

Student & Staff


Pattonville School District is the most diverse in Missouri. This fact impressed me because it's important for students to learn about other cultures. Diversity represents the real world. As an Oasis tutor at Willow Brook, it has been my experience that tutoring builds student confidence along with self-esteem. Most students feel very special having one-on-one time. I get to see improvement in skills, reading comprehension, speed, pronunciation, writing and spelling. Tutoring is for certain a shared learning opportunity. I have heartfelt gratitude from simply getting to know my students-I enjoy their company and how they enrich my life! I am pleased that Pattonville School District embraces the Oasis program!

Linda Shead, Oasis Volunteer

What’s Happening

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On June 11, the Pattonville Board of Education approved the renewal of Chartwells K12 as the district’s food service management company. Chartwells was selected after a competitive bid process. Chartwells manages the day-to-day operations of Pattonville’s program, including food purchasing, menu development, staff training, meeting state and federal requirements and other services.

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