Nominate someone for a Pride of Pattonville award
Nominate someone for a Pride of Pattonville award
Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Each year, Pattonville honors those who serve in the district with its Pride of Pattonville award. These awards are given to recognize excellence in performance, service, character and contributions demonstrated by those who serve in the Pattonville School District. Any parent, volunteer, district employee or other friend of Pattonville is eligible to receive a Pride of Pattonville honor. Nominations can be submitted online at

The award is based on several criteria, including service to the district above and beyond the call of duty, numerous types and years of service, support of the district and participation in its functions and excellence in job performance as a staff member or volunteer.

A screening committee consisting of Pride of Pattonville award recipients from the last two years makes the selection from the nominations submitted. A maximum of 10 awards is given each year. The screening committee will notify the recipients of their selection at least one week before the annual District Appreciation Night on May 6, when the awards will be presented. District Appreciation Night is an award and recognition program that everyone is invited to attend.

Nomination forms must be received by Friday, March 6. For more information, contact Kelly Gordon in the school-community relations office at