Parkwood welcomes local children's author
Parkwood welcomes local children's author
Thursday, February 11, 2016
Local author Laura Heitert recently visited Parkwood Elementary School to speak to students about a children's book she wrote which educates children about diabetes.

Laura Heitert is an elementary physical education and health teacher in the Parkway School District who has diabetes. She decided to write a book that helps educate children about diabetes using a concept she's employed in the classroom - a "Me Bag." A "Me Bag" is basically a bag that students can put items into and unpack at school for a show-and-tell type presentation.

In her book "Maddie's Me Bag," Heitert tells the story of Maddie, a girl with diabetes, who uses a classroom activity to teach her classmates about the tools and resources she uses to live a healthy, happy life, as well as other things that make her special.

Parkwood students easily recognized another special visitor during Heitert's presentation. Maryland Heights Officer Bob Heitert, her husband, was also in attendance. The popular police officer is the school's D.A.R.E. officer and also serves in that capacity at Remington Traditional School and Rose Acres Elementary School.

Laura Heitert and Officer Bob Heitert