Pattonville Professional Development

It is the mission of the Pattonville Professional Development Committee (PDC) to provide professional development opportunities of high quality and lasting impact that will support certified staff in their efforts to improve instruction so that every student experiences success. 

PDC Goals
The PDC’s goals and objectives are driven by Pattonville's Comprehensive School Improvement Plan and specifically support Goal 1, assuring that students demonstrate significant improvement in their understanding and application of state learning standards. In addition to achieving student proficiency in communication arts, mathematics and science, we place emphasis on developing responsible citizens and using technology to innovate learning.
The specific work of the PDC includes:
  • Improving organizational structures and communication to members to better serve the teachers of Pattonville;
  • Collaborating with Learning Center administrators to involve teachers in the design, planning and implementation process of Pattonville professional development initiatives;
  • Exploring means to support and provide leadership for staff development initiatives at both the district level and building level; and 
  • Providing the structure to support, encourage and guide new teachers and mentors.
Professional Development Committee Membership

Cycle C: Year 1 of 3

Jennifer Zurweller Ballman *
Sarah Garner*

Lisa Early
Willow Brook
Robin Woodroome*
Shelley Ewig*
High School

Adam Hall
Cycle A: Year 2 of 3

Sarah Funderburk
Rose Acres
Jessica Dalton
Janet Baldwin*
High School
Jon Striebel
Rebecca Prokopf

Cycle B: Year 3 of 3

Amy Taylor
Jaimyn Fairchild*
Heather Wilkerson*

Jeannie King
Joy Yowell
Kathryn Korte * 
High School

x-Officio Members

Tiffany Besse
Director of Secondary Education
Jason VanBeers
Principal Representative
Cara Hiripitiyage (HS)
Principal Representative
Shay Forsythe
Jessie Brown
SSD Administrative Representatives
Tami Quinn
Executive Secretary Curriculum and Instruction
* Denotes a shared position. One representative is expected to attend each PDC meeting. Each shared position is entitled to one vote in PDC matters.