Revised 2015-16 Pattonville School Year Calendars
The Pattonville Board of Education on April 12 approved setting the last day of school for this year as May 20 for students in early childhood through 11th grade.  The last day for seniors will be May 17, with graduation taking place on May 26. May 23 will be a staff report day with no classes in session.  Per state law, six emergency/snow days were built into this year’s school calendar. Every emergency/snow day not used is taken off the end of the school-year calendar. This results in school ending earlier than originally indicated on the calendar. So far this year Pattonville has used two emergency/snow days.
The last day of school is subject to change if another emergency day is needed between now and the end of the school year.

Revised Elementary & Remington 2015 - 2016 District Calendar

Revised Middle School 2015 - 2016 District Calendar

Revised High School 2015 - 2016 District Calendar

Note: All school calendars are subject to change to be in compliance with state law, including the required number of emergency days and the agreed upon number of contractual days for staff.